ICSC is an innovative communications company based in the heart of Durbanville's trendy Heritage Square complex.

Two words shape everything that we do at ICSC: communication and engagement. Every project we work on is about communicating in a way that will engage the audience we aim to reach.

Creativity inspires what we do. Tangible results motivate us to keep innovating within the communication space.

Good communication is a skill

Communication occurs daily on a myriad of platforms and in many different contexts, but good communication remains a rare and powerful tool.

At ICSC we understand how communication works and how it can be used to derive the maximum benefit for your product or business.

We're passionate about using great ideas to create powerful messages, all starting with a comprehensive, integrated strategy. We've designed and produced 3D material, brochures, wine labels, reversible logos, newsletters, websites, annual reports, books and many more. Our engaging copy is featured in magazines, newsletters, annual reports and video scripts. We've even used Mars bars as part of a campaign for a NASA rocket engineer born in South Africa.

What you say is important, but how and when you say it is what makes or breaks the deal.

"If communication is to change behaviour, it must be grounded in the desires and interests of the receivers."

– Aristotle

The ICSC insiders

Everything that leaves our studio and office is the product of a team of committed, passionate and creative individuals. Click on the photos to find out more.

Meaningful communication

Involves Inspires Interacts

Our clients are a crucial element of every message we craft and every campaign we run. We believe in collaboration and feedback at every step of the way. This leads to powerful and effective working relationships where communication claims the trump card.

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"Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm."

– Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Want to say hello? Here's how to contact us:


Telephone: +27 21 976 1918
Fax: +27 21 975 1715
Email: communicate@icsc.co.za
Postal address: PO Box 817, Durbanville, 7551
Physical address: 7 Heritage Square, Vrede Street, Durbanville, 7550